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– Vegan Rice pudding – Portuguese way

Hello everyone,

Today I´m sharing a recipe with all of you. Rice pudding!!!



In Portugal is a traditional dessert and here in my home we always have all year around but during Christmas it´s a ´must have´.

When I moved to Ireland ( 9.5 years ago…. what?!?!) I was happy to see rice pudding everywhere…… until I got my mouth on it!!!! Was not what I expected at all, so I kept doing my recipe for family, friends and some intercultural presentations ( in the school that my kids attended). Always with great success so I decide to share with everyone.

The only thing I changed during the years was the milk used. Because we have dairy intolerance in our home I make the recipe with soya milk instead of regular milk.


  •  125 gr  of rice ( rice pudding or Arborio rice )
  •  200 gr of sugar
  •  25 gr of butter ( I use vegan butter)
  •  1L of milk ( I use organic soya milk)
  •  2dl of water
  •  1 cinnamon stick
  • skin of half a small lemon ( optional )

I have a video on our channel, so pop there and check how I make the rice pudding dessert.

The key here is……. stir and let the consistency be creamy!!!


Hope you enjoy the video and the recipe, please leave any comments or if you have any question in the comment section here or on the YouTube.

Thanks for stopping by,


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Flower Party!! New video is live!!!

Hello everyone,

Today I´m sharing a video that I made in Portugal during my holidays.

We went to a place call Redondo to visit all the beautiful decorations they had on the streets. They made all the décor from paper… and I can say it was so amazing!!! So many details, so many work involved.

Everyone who lives there helps to make the flowers…. so many work just for a few days but it´s absolutely amazing.

It was so hot on that day…. 42c…. but was a great afternoon.

Hope you can go check that out and if so, please leave me a comment, like and why not subscribe! ( yes… I need a boost there) 😀

Thank you so much for stopping by

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Lisbon Tour Vlog is Live!!!

Happy 2018 everyone!!!

Hope you had a fantastic time with your family and friends and I wish you all the best in 2018!!!

Now, I´m starting the year sharing a Lisbon tour with Hippo Trip ( not sponsored at all).

We made this tour back in August and I can say… was superb!!!! Great guide tour in Portuguese and English…. amazing stories and facts about Lisbon. It´s so worth it!!!

If you like, go to my YouTube channel…. watch, give me a like and leave a comment.



Thank you so much for stopping by,

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Christmas Decor Tour 2017- Live

Good evening everyone…

Quick post to let you know that I have a new video live on my YouTube channel.

It´s a very basic video but I invite you to come and watch our Christmas decorations.

Was such a pleasure to put everything together and I hope you have a spare minutes to watch, support and comment my video.

Thank you so much for stopping by and we will see you on YouTube

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Too Faced – Pretty Little Planner

Hello everyone,

As you can see in my last post I´m back!!! I´m back to the blog and with some YouTube videos, so please if you can check that out and leave me some comments, your YouTube channel and of course please click the like button.

I have a few posts ideas and hopefully the ideas keep coming 🙂 and today I´m sharing swatches from the Holiday gift set 2017 from Too Faced.



I talked about it on my shopping haul video and like I promised I´m giving you my first impressions and swatches.

I bought mine in Debenhams Ireland and cost me 36.90€ on a sale event ( was 41€).

It´s a lovely wallet with a skinny planner but very cute, with a sheet with stickers to add to the planner, a mini Better Than Sex mascara and of course a palette with matte & shimmers eye shadows.



My first impressions are they are quite good… a few misses in my opinion and of course I don’t understand much of makeup, but this is my personal opinion.




Lighter shades are a little patchy but still very good – (Secret Santa is a little bit patchy and less pigmented).

They feel smooth and blending well, but I need to test on my eyeballs 🙂

Here are the swatches 🙂


          1- Good Girl / 2- Rise & Shine / 3- Why Not?

 4- White Christmas/ 5-Secret Santa/ 6- Silent Night/  7- Werkshop



 8- Coffee First/ 9- Snooze U Lose/ 10-God As Gold/ 11- Dollhouse/

12- Wrap It Up/ 13- Break The Ice/ 14- Elfie Selfie/ 15- Booville


The mini mascara…. I´m never impressed with this mini ones, I´m not sure if its because its the travel size.. but they don’t wow me at all. I like better others budget friendly  mascaras than this one, but this is my honest opinion.

Finally the mini planner… it´s cute, it´s thin and perfect for our bags. I never used planners before last year and ohhhhh my God…. game changer!!! So much easy to keep my records( I always think I will remember things and then it´s a no, no)

Overall I really like this gift set… more than the other that I bought last year.

Thank you so much for stopping by,




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I´m back with news!!!! The Barbrites!!!

FotoJet8 (2)

Life can be really busy and I was a fool thinking I was able to do everything, everyday, all the time. But I failed!!! Badly!!!

Many times I was sitting down with my laptop to write here ( putting all my ideas in order) sharing things that I like… but tiredness got the better of me.

However, all this time I was trying to organize myself…my family life, my job, to make sure I was able to spend time creating new things.

Change a few things that no longer made me and my family  happy and so far it´s working ok. We have room for improvements but we will get there.

I´m not a writer ( I suck writing in English), but it will not stop me.

So….. I´m back with some posts and a YOUTUBE channel.

It´s a family YouTube channel….nothing fancy!!! It´s casual… It´s for sharing things with friends and if someone wants to join in… You are more than welcome.

We are the Barbrites!!!!!

Real life, cooking our dishes, our travels, shopping and many more. We are building up our content and learning!!! So much learning!! 🙂

Please keep in mind I´m not young, I´m not fancy, I´m really new on this things and this is real life!!!

I will try to link some posts here with our channel and hopefully I improve my editing, talking to a camera ( it´s so weird).

If you can… pop there, leave me some emoji’s ( you pick). Share tips and give advices… it´s much appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by,




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Hello everyone 🙂

I know….. long time since I post.

The true is… life happens ( and fast) and I wasn’t able to think or write a blog post.

I have the ideas… and even know what I want to share……. all my ideas grow when I´m in the shower ( it´s when life slows down and I can think more focused).

Anyway, long story short…… I´m working on a little project now and of course involves the blog as well.

This happens because I made a few changes in my life, in my family life.

Changes are good…. They are scary, yes they are but if we don´t take the risk we never know what we can achieve.

So, please stay around, stay with me and I will have more activity here.

Thank you so much for stopping by,



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My new Nyx Lip products

Hello everyone

I know …. I know…I said I would post more posts this year and I’m so late … the truth is that I couldn´t organize my self, the inspiration to write also ran away and the fact that having to think and write  in English makes the process even longer.
In the last post I said I never write down any goals or any plans for the year.. and I never had a planner..( ok ok.. I had when I was 13/14 years). But now I think I need to write down my things… to get me on track… to organize my ideas, to visualize and work for it!
So I made a planner for me… and hopefully I can stick with it!
But even so, here I am with a post about some lipsticks, lipglosses, liquid lipsticks of the brand Nyx that I have adored. They are affordable, comfortable on the lips and easy to apply.( at least for me)
Last weekend I went through Boots and  I find  so difficult to come home  without anything .
I bought a butter lipstick, some butter glosses and a lippencil.
What I can say?!?! I loved it!!!!!

I already had some Nyx liquid lipsticks  (the 3 on the left) and I love them, they are easy to apply, they glide very well, they have good pigmentation, they look matte and they last on the lips. They smell so good (almost vanilla ice cream).

This time I wanted to test the butter ones ( the 4 on the right) !!!
I bought 4 butter glosses and one butter lipstick ( left corner) and this last one It´s so far my favourite!!  I will buy more one or two to keep them in my bag, in the car… that´s how much I love this. The colour that I choose was nº 17 – Root Beer Float
I like colours for day to day, don´t call too much attention,  so I like nudes, pastel colours.
I love the formula, it´s really like butter on your lips when you apply, but in a good way… (not greasy at all), so comfortable, so moisturizing,  turns out matte but no drying.. looks amazing!!!
They are  affordable , easy to find and for sure  I’ll test more colors !!!
Can´t wait to get my hands on more.
The choices this time fell  in the colors of day to day, nudes and light colors.
The butter gloss are ver comfortable too, affordable as well and with lots of colours to choose from.

2b9c8d0c72fa15861bc82eac15c7e6b08adff293906613fb9apimgpsh_fullsize_distrButter Gloss : 05- Creme Brulee; 18- Cupake; 31- Sunday Mimosa; 07- Tiramisú

I had purchased 2 GLAM Lipglosses a few weeks ago and I think they are so beautiful, so amazing and I really want to sher with you… Aren´t they gorgeous???

95110d4165afe0fdd6644a969ff1ca24852a3ab8844bb3afb4pimgpsh_fullsize_distr On the left is nº 04 – Glitter Dreams and on the right nº 03 – Beat Goes On

Thats it… this is my Nyx lip product that I have and I like 🙂

Tell me … do you like the this brand? Do you recommend some other products? Leave me a comment with your suggestions.

Thank you so much for stopping by..
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Happy New Year!!!!



And that’s it … we’ve reached 2017 !!!
I wish many joys to all of you who come here, that 2017 be a year of many achievements, peace,  love and that your dreams will all be fulfilled.
Do you make any plans at this time? Do you make a wish list?
I don´t …. Well…mentally maybe …what I like to achieve but I dont have any planner or so to  write anything (maybe that’s why many of the goals I do not reach) … 😀
Regarding the blog, I will try to create more posts … I will try to be more organized and share more … maybe make a snapchat account and maybe create a YouTube channel (this is still far away). What do you think?

Back to Christmas.. I got a few makeup items… and ohhhh I was so excited!!! Bronzers, lip products, palletes, skincare products, perfumes ( and I love perfumes since…. EVERRRRR) ( I think I really love makeup and I´m afraid to be addicted 😀 )

Share with me your top makeup products and/or yout top Christmas gifts. Love to see yours too.

I´m going now… enjoy your day!!!

I hope you have a fantastic year !!!!
Thank you for stopping by ..

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Too Faced Merry Macarons- Swatch

Hello all…

When I was looking for Christmas gift sets in the make-up area  I found the new collection of the Too Faced and I was so excited … the colours of the palettes were beautiful.

I started looking for this particular palette, because had the colours that I liked, since they were more neutral and I could use more often.

It was so difficult to have access to this palette … I only could find it in Debenhams and was out of stock … for 3 weeks I went to the website everyday to see if was in stock already.

One of the days and without any hope I went to the website and there was in low Stock…. I did not even think twice … I bought it !!!! Ohh happy day 🙂


When I got the order and opened the package … ohhhhh my !!! They were beautiful colours and had a mini  Better Then Sex mascara that I was eager to experiment and  know why  all the buzz over the internet.



For now, I have not tested, just made a swatch to show you how beautiful they are and my  first opinion is that they are soft, not chalky and I am willing to test in my eye balls.


Since I’m not an expert in makeup, I hope they are easy to apply and blend well because I´m   always  in a hurry. ( mom thing I belive)

I hope you like the swatch and share with me your opinions.
Thank you for stopping by..