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All about ( my ) Christmas tradition

Hi there,

Do you belive it´s only 2 weeks left for Christmas?!?!

We already have the decorations up and this year I did them a week earlier than usual … but I love  Christmas season so much that I want to enjoy more time of the decorations, the lights, the comfort that you feel with all this up . ❤


(After we finished to put our Christmas decorations up we had hot chocolate and pumpkin bread 🙂 )

Today I will share a little bit of our Christmas tradition.

It´s different from the Irish traditions but I  try to add a little of that as well. ( I confess that we use much more of our Portuguese tradition )

For many years( in Portugal  ) we were 17/18 people at the table on December 24th for  Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas day we kept the same people and there was always who joins us for Christmas lunch on December 25th.

As time goes by, new families began, people have died and we are less and less at the table but we always get together.

In 2008 with our move to Ireland, back home they got even smaller but always celebrating with the traditions of years. Skype is very helpfull and we can have dinner all together, at the same time, talking to each others via the internet.
As we are away from the family, we got from 17 people to 4 but no matter what we kept our celebrations.

On the 24th of December we gather around the dinner table and serve up plenty of typical dishes.
We eat cod and turkey. Then there’s a table of typical Christmas desserts.


We play games, we laugh and finally at  midnight, we celebrate and everyone opens their Christmas presents.( Yay )

Time to go to bed and the next day – 25th of December we continue to celebrate.
As a new tradition, we all have stocking, so after breakfast we open ours. Happy times 🙂


The Christmas lunch has more traditional dishes, typical desserts and of course good laughs.

At home we spend a day of relaxation but celebrating. We  enjoy the time together playing, trying the gifts that each one won.

It is with great sorrow that I do not spend Christmas with my parents, my brother, my grandparents … but life is like this and it is not always possible to spend so much money on travel at this time of year (yes, the trips are really expensive).

I hope you have enjoyed knowing a little of our tradition and I would like to know about yours.
What do you like most about Christmas?


Hope you have an amazing Christmas.




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Essie – Gel Couture review



Hello everybody,

Today I´m sharing with all of you my experience with this ´new ´Essie gel polish without the UV lamp.

I didn´t have high expectations, since the polishes with me last very little. 2 days and they are already the chipping since I do everything without gloves and I forgot many times that I have my  nails painted.The truth is that I’m not going to wear gloves every time I do something.

So I bought a color – Take me to thread – and  the top coat.


To start the application is was very easy. The brush is wide enough to cover the nail with a few strokes. The pigmentation is wonderful and has a fantastic shine.

I passed two layers and then the top coat. I do not have much patience to wait for the polish to dry  so I apply well before starting to watch a movie  to distract myself and so I’m not tempted to go do things that ruin the polish.

For 7 days, I’ve been doing what I do everyday ….things like washing dishes, changing diapers, cleaning the house, doing arts and crafts with kids, using glues, glitters, paints, etc.
With the passing of the days I was truly impressed because the polish  was wonderful, without chipping and with the brightness and shine  intact …
I think that for the first time I did not retouch the polish for a week and even after these 7 days, there are very few flaws.

I really want to test other colors because sometimes the colours have different formulas and affect the behavior of the polish, but so far I’m very satisfied!

Did you already tested these?
Do you suggest other polishes that last long?
Leave your opinions and comments here below.
Thank you for stopping by..

Family Life

8 years….


8 years…..
8 years ago I came to this country … with rain (a lot), very green, driving in the opposite side to what I was used to.
Customs and traditions different from mine.
8 years of changes, learning, tears and smiles.
Ups and downs…sometimes the desire to leave… but it´s part of being human.
Embraced all the changes, with the help of many special people ..(hope you know who you are)
New friends, new adventures in a country that is not mine but welcomed me and my family with open arms and gave us more quality of life .
If it was easy ?? No, it was not.
If it’s easy being away from the people who you love so much? No, it’s not…( well Skype helps a lot )
Worth it? Definitely a YES
Thank you to all who made and make part of these eight years.
Thank you Ireland for receive us so well.


Autumn & Chickpea soup- The perfect combination

Hello everyone,

Autumn is here…

It´s a beautiful season, when leaves fall from the trees, when the days are getting shorter and colder.


Beautiful colours everywhere… browns, oranges, yellows and some reds are all over the nature. I love walking in parks, forests and can be in contact with the nature and enjoying the chiiling wind. Its beautifull!!


It´s a season when we want to have more comforting  foods and a soup it´s one of the right choices.

So today I´m sharing this chickpea and spinach soup. Filling, comforting and delicious for a quick and easy dinner.

Let´s cook??


  • 2 cans of cooked chickpeas ( I use organic, no add salt )- if you want to cook yours chickpeas its ok too.
  • 250 gr of fresh baby spinach
  • 1 zucchini
  • 2 medium onions
  • 3 medium carrots
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 to 2 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • water ( until cover all the ingredients )

How to:

Drain the chickpeas and rinse well.

Cut the onions and garlic in smal pieces and place on a pan with the olive oil and let cook on medium heat to soft the onions.

Add all the ingredientes EXCEPT the spinach and let cook in medium heat until is all soft and ready to blend.


Blend until its creamy  and add the spinach. Let cook for about 7/10 min.

Check the consistency and if it´s to liquid for your taste… let boil a few more minutes. If its too runny, add some water and let boil.

Turn off the hob and serve.


It´s delicious !!!

We really love to make  and eat soups..  They are super quick, filling, delicious and full of nutrition!

Hope you like this recipe and give it a go. Let me know what do you eat during Autumn? Any special recipe?

Thank you for stopping by…

See you soon.




Notebooks for family & friends…

13336113_549029551949896_8399037040626110570_nHi there,

Today is Sunday and it´s raining all day, so great day to share a few things with you.

This blog it´s about me and what I like to do on my spare time .One thing ( among others) that I really love is spend some time crafting and I´m very lucky to have the chance to make little gifts to offer to my family and friends. I like to craft just for fun but when I have a person in mind it´s so much more enjoyable.

Im that kind of person who loves celebrate everything…


Everything needs to be celebrate so a  handmade cards, a little box with something inside ( can be chocolates, sweeties, candles or even a small handmade soap) it´s always welcome by those who receive.

Saying thank you for being around or even a small note to say how much important they are in my life. …that´s me…

So today I´m sharing some notebooks that I made during this year. Some of them are A5 others little notebooks to have in our bags..

Love this one below… its so delicate, the colours are beautiful… and this ribbon… so amazing!!  The saying…. ohh well.. says everything!!!  Love, love , love!


Hope you like it!!

P.S – the name on the photo is from a FB page where I share a few crafts  🙂


What do you think? Do you like crafting? What do you do?

Share in the comments and fell free to share your blog if you want!

I will share a few more things that I made over the past year or so…

Thank you for stopping by….


Apple crumble on a rainy day!

Hello there,

I´m not a big fan of rain, grey sky…. I´m not!!! In fact I think it´s so depressing 😦

However I think I don´t appreciate this kind of days because here in Ireland the past year( ok… maybe more) have been really bad. But rainy all day, blankets, pijamas and snuggle in the couch, watching a movie with the kids and hubby is so amazing and because of this… I  can see something good on this days.

The good side of this… apart of having a lazy day with my family I love to bake some goods and apple crumbe is on of our rainy days /winter comfort desserts. ( we like to bake cookes and biscuits asweel some cakes to have with hot chocolate or coffee.

So today I want to share how I make my own apple crumble.


Let´s bake 🙂


– 6 / 8 Apples – no skin( depend the size of your pyrex )

–  sugar ( as much as you like) – I use soft brown sugar

–  1 teaspoon vanilla paste  OR cinammon ( as much as you like)

–  Lemon juice( just to prevent the apples getting dark)

For the crumble:

– 130 gr plain flour

–  100 gr brown sugar

–  50 gr of pecans ( use other nut if you prefer)

–  120 gr  of butter – no salt but  I use Stork and works perfect

–  Cinammon if you like.

Now… let´s do it!!

Pre-heat the oven at 180ºc

Cut your apples in bites sizes… you dont need to be perfect and put in a bowl. Put over the lemon juice and just mix.

Sprinkle  the sugar and the vanilla( or cinammon) and fold the apple bites into until you have all the pices with some coating.

Put in the pyrex and reserve.

For the crumble you will need to put the flour, sugar and pecans on a food processor and pulse a fews times just to brake down the pecans in pieces( but not in flour)

Add the butter in pieces and pulse again until you get a crumble mixture.

Pour over the apple mixture evenly and to the oven it goes for about 25 minutes ( depends the oven).  Check the crumble is nice and golden brown or even a little more toast.. but do not let it burn 😀


Enjoy with your family…. we love this with an ice-cream scoop, but sometimes we fancy by it self.

It´s so delicious with the vanilla hint and the warmness of the apple cooked with the sugar- almost caramelised… yummy, yummy!


Hope you like this version with vanilla and pecans… It is really our favourite.

What do you do on the rainy days?

Thank you for stopping by,

With love,






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Kiko Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you some of Kiko Cosmetics products thay I bought  in Portugal, during my holidays!!

I am relatively new in these wanderings of makeup. About 1 year and a half I started to be   more interested in other products,  other colors that made me get out of my comfort zone and use more items.
I rarely wore makeup, but when I needed to go out to a party,  formal dinner, I only used eye shadow, mascara and lipbalm. Thats it… no blush, no foudation or BB cream… Nothing!!! ( weirdo)
The truth is … I was not into lose some time getting ready and walk trow the door. Super lazy …. :(

This interest came  when I started to watch some youtubers to talk and explain so well as tecniques and ´how to´and look nice and a little bit more elegant.
I was watching countless videos, blogs and reviews and I started to test some of the simple techniques with simple products.

I liked … Loved… a lot!!!!.  It is true that I have more time now. More ´me time´.

So I started to buy products that I think it will work for me and testing.It´s a addicted ´world´.

Therefore and after seeing some bloggers to speak of Kiko Cosmetics, and I was in Portugal, with some  Kiko stores around I was very happy to go inside and see all the buzz.
 I bought a very affordable little things. <3


1-  Nail polish 501  ( 1€- really!!! )  /  2- Nail polish 509  /    3- Creamy lipstick GOSSAMER EMOTION  /   4-  Lipstick No 13 /  5- Kiss Balm BLACKBERRY   6- High pigment Wet ans Dry Eyeshadow No 16 /   7-  Night Balm ( nourishing lip treatment )

Already tested almost everything except the nail polish (No. 2).
I loved the lipsticks, super wearable, last long and are very comfortable on the lips.
The lipbalm (No. 5) gives a subtle color and is so moisturizer that I loved to use after a day at the  beach. All shades are so beautiful and so wearable. I love it!!
Night balm (No.7), I found very interesting because sits  beautiful on the lips and I found it very moisturizing.

Here´s a swatch on the lipsticks…aren´t they amazing? So affordable !


Nail polish (No 1) It has a beautiful colour, very summery, and lasted me 4 days without chip, even with the normal work of the house and I  work with children, I am constantly washing hands, colouring with paints, playing with legos and other toys.

The eyeshadow….oh my…. it´s so pigmented, last long and it´s beautiful.

Tell me your opinion about more Kiko Cosmetics products?

What do you recomend?

Do you want to see more reviews ? I am kinda obsessed with my makeup things ( affordable and high end products).

I hope you liked this post and I hope this can help and inspire other women  to give a try on makeup too.

Note (I´m learning how to make reviews, so please be kind and if you have any suggestions, please leave in the comments).



Orange cake!! No eggs? Not a problem..

Sometimes…..(ok many times) we want a slice of cake…. not a fancy one or full of creams and toppings. Just a simple, delicious, comforting  fluffy cake to have with a cup of tea or coffee( coffee for me please :b  ).

This time I decided to bake an orange cake. Its soooo good.



This recipe is a little bit different than usual because I didn´t use eggs.

Why?? Because here we have a dairy and eggs intolerance, so 99% of the time I bake without this. In your case…imagine you really want a cake but no eggs left… so this is a great recipe to try out.

A plus… you use the whole orange…. yes, skin too 🙂

Look at this…. yummy!!!


Here are the ingredients:

  • 3 cups of flour ( plain)
  • 2 cups of sugar ( I used brown, feel free to use what you have)
  • 1 whole orange ( biger size)
  • 1/2 cup of oil
  • 1/4 cup of  boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder

How to:

1-Pre-heat the oven at 180ºc.

2-Butter a cake pan ( I like with a hole in the middle) and set aside.

3-Peel the orange skin  and reserve.

4-Take the white parte away from the orange and discard .

5-Put the orange and the skin in a blender with the oil and blend!!! Blend, blend until its smooth.

6-Put the mixture in a bowl,  add the sugar and with a mixer…. whisk until the sugar is dissolved.

7- Add the flour and the baking powder and whisk again until you have a uniform batter.

8- Add the boiling water and whisk until it´ts all smooth.

9- Pour into the pan and ready to the oven for about 40m.( Please check with a toothpick or a raw Spaghetti).

And voila… a nice and delicious cake just in time for  coffee.


Hope you like it as much as we did.






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Face Masks to pamper your skin


On my recent trip to Portugal, I couldn´t avoid  one visit to Sephora.
Looking for products that I cant find here in Ireland but well known around the internet.
I was looking for facial masks and found the famous (or perhaps not) Tony Moly. I was pretty excited because I wanted to test some of them.
I´m relative new to this ´beauty world´ ( cof cof , I´m in my late 30´s ) but I was excited about face masks and fingers crossed they do what they claim. 😀
So, I end up buying this ones but so far only tried the Tomato one!! Let me tell you… I was super amazed with the results.
Its a one sheet masks soaked in a ´gel´and  I applied on my face and I end up reading a book for 20 minutes. After that I took the mask off and massaged all my face with the leftover gel in the packaging. I felt immediately some difference… more glow and definitely more smooth. The day after… I even notice more differences… my skin was amazing!! So, thumbs up for the Tomato Mask sheet!!
So amazing to feel your skin glowing …
I will try the others ones and I will give my opinion too.
I couldn´t avoid… and I bought the Sephora  masks too.. not only for face, but lips, eyes and feet too. I didn´t tried yet non of them, but as soon as I do I will post my opinion.
Do you use face masks often? Which ones are your favourites ? Tell me all about it in the comments.
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Raspberry Smoothie – Breakfast is served!!

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals… and here in our home we can have smoothies, porridge, toasts, pancakes or scones.

Ok… pancakes and scones only when its a birthday or weekends 🙂

For our breakfast today we had one of ours quick, delicious and nutritious breakfasts!!

Raspberry Smoothie!! Great way to start the day 🙂


Yesterday morning we spend a couple of hours picking raspberries in a fruit farm, so we have pleanty to use…. They are amazing in flavour and give this smoothie a great taste!

We used almond milk – feel free to add any other non dairy milk or dairy milk if you prefer to this recipe.

Hope this can inspire you and give you ideas for a busy morning !!!

Throw all in a blender, blend and enjoy!!!

Serves 1( usually).


  • 1  bananas
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup of rasberries
  • 1 tablespoon of almond butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • dash of maple syrup( optional)

Note: if you like more a liquid consistency add more milk… if you like more creamy just add less milk.