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My new Nyx Lip products

Hello everyone

I know …. I know…I said I would post more posts this year and I’m so late … the truth is that I couldn´t organize my self, the inspiration to write also ran away and the fact that having to think and write  in English makes the process even longer.
In the last post I said I never write down any goals or any plans for the year.. and I never had a planner..( ok ok.. I had when I was 13/14 years). But now I think I need to write down my things… to get me on track… to organize my ideas, to visualize and work for it!
So I made a planner for me… and hopefully I can stick with it!
But even so, here I am with a post about some lipsticks, lipglosses, liquid lipsticks of the brand Nyx that I have adored. They are affordable, comfortable on the lips and easy to apply.( at least for me)
Last weekend I went through Boots and  I find  so difficult to come home  without anything .
I bought a butter lipstick, some butter glosses and a lippencil.
What I can say?!?! I loved it!!!!!

I already had some Nyx liquid lipsticks  (the 3 on the left) and I love them, they are easy to apply, they glide very well, they have good pigmentation, they look matte and they last on the lips. They smell so good (almost vanilla ice cream).

This time I wanted to test the butter ones ( the 4 on the right) !!!
I bought 4 butter glosses and one butter lipstick ( left corner) and this last one It´s so far my favourite!!  I will buy more one or two to keep them in my bag, in the car… that´s how much I love this. The colour that I choose was nº 17 – Root Beer Float
I like colours for day to day, don´t call too much attention,  so I like nudes, pastel colours.
I love the formula, it´s really like butter on your lips when you apply, but in a good way… (not greasy at all), so comfortable, so moisturizing,  turns out matte but no drying.. looks amazing!!!
They are  affordable , easy to find and for sure  I’ll test more colors !!!
Can´t wait to get my hands on more.
The choices this time fell  in the colors of day to day, nudes and light colors.
The butter gloss are ver comfortable too, affordable as well and with lots of colours to choose from.

2b9c8d0c72fa15861bc82eac15c7e6b08adff293906613fb9apimgpsh_fullsize_distrButter Gloss : 05- Creme Brulee; 18- Cupake; 31- Sunday Mimosa; 07- Tiramisú

I had purchased 2 GLAM Lipglosses a few weeks ago and I think they are so beautiful, so amazing and I really want to sher with you… Aren´t they gorgeous???

95110d4165afe0fdd6644a969ff1ca24852a3ab8844bb3afb4pimgpsh_fullsize_distr On the left is nº 04 – Glitter Dreams and on the right nº 03 – Beat Goes On

Thats it… this is my Nyx lip product that I have and I like 🙂

Tell me … do you like the this brand? Do you recommend some other products? Leave me a comment with your suggestions.

Thank you so much for stopping by..

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