Autumn & Chickpea soup- The perfect combination

Hello everyone, Autumn is here… It´s a beautiful season, when leaves fall from the trees, when the days are getting shorter and colder. Beautiful colours everywhere… browns, oranges, yellows and some reds are all over the nature. I love walking in parks, forests and can be in contact with the nature and enjoying the chiiling… Continue reading Autumn & Chickpea soup- The perfect combination

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Raspberry Smoothie – Breakfast is served!!

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals… and here in our home we can have smoothies, porridge, toasts, pancakes or scones. Ok… pancakes and scones only when its a birthday or weekends 🙂 For our breakfast today we had one of ours quick, delicious and nutritious breakfasts!! Raspberry Smoothie!! Great way to start the day… Continue reading Raspberry Smoothie – Breakfast is served!!