Notebooks for family & friends…

13336113_549029551949896_8399037040626110570_nHi there,

Today is Sunday and it´s raining all day, so great day to share a few things with you.

This blog it´s about me and what I like to do on my spare time .One thing ( among others) that I really love is spend some time crafting and I´m very lucky to have the chance to make little gifts to offer to my family and friends. I like to craft just for fun but when I have a person in mind it´s so much more enjoyable.

Im that kind of person who loves celebrate everything…


Everything needs to be celebrate so a  handmade cards, a little box with something inside ( can be chocolates, sweeties, candles or even a small handmade soap) it´s always welcome by those who receive.

Saying thank you for being around or even a small note to say how much important they are in my life. …that´s me…

So today I´m sharing some notebooks that I made during this year. Some of them are A5 others little notebooks to have in our bags..

Love this one below… its so delicate, the colours are beautiful… and this ribbon… so amazing!!  The saying…. ohh well.. says everything!!!  Love, love , love!


Hope you like it!!

P.S – the name on the photo is from a FB page where I share a few crafts  🙂


What do you think? Do you like crafting? What do you do?

Share in the comments and fell free to share your blog if you want!

I will share a few more things that I made over the past year or so…

Thank you for stopping by….