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All about ( my ) Christmas tradition

Hi there,

Do you belive it´s only 2 weeks left for Christmas?!?!

We already have the decorations up and this year I did them a week earlier than usual … but I love  Christmas season so much that I want to enjoy more time of the decorations, the lights, the comfort that you feel with all this up . ❤


(After we finished to put our Christmas decorations up we had hot chocolate and pumpkin bread 🙂 )

Today I will share a little bit of our Christmas tradition.

It´s different from the Irish traditions but I  try to add a little of that as well. ( I confess that we use much more of our Portuguese tradition )

For many years( in Portugal  ) we were 17/18 people at the table on December 24th for  Christmas Eve dinner.

Christmas day we kept the same people and there was always who joins us for Christmas lunch on December 25th.

As time goes by, new families began, people have died and we are less and less at the table but we always get together.

In 2008 with our move to Ireland, back home they got even smaller but always celebrating with the traditions of years. Skype is very helpfull and we can have dinner all together, at the same time, talking to each others via the internet.
As we are away from the family, we got from 17 people to 4 but no matter what we kept our celebrations.

On the 24th of December we gather around the dinner table and serve up plenty of typical dishes.
We eat cod and turkey. Then there’s a table of typical Christmas desserts.


We play games, we laugh and finally at  midnight, we celebrate and everyone opens their Christmas presents.( Yay )

Time to go to bed and the next day – 25th of December we continue to celebrate.
As a new tradition, we all have stocking, so after breakfast we open ours. Happy times 🙂


The Christmas lunch has more traditional dishes, typical desserts and of course good laughs.

At home we spend a day of relaxation but celebrating. We  enjoy the time together playing, trying the gifts that each one won.

It is with great sorrow that I do not spend Christmas with my parents, my brother, my grandparents … but life is like this and it is not always possible to spend so much money on travel at this time of year (yes, the trips are really expensive).

I hope you have enjoyed knowing a little of our tradition and I would like to know about yours.
What do you like most about Christmas?


Hope you have an amazing Christmas.





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