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Essie – Gel Couture review



Hello everybody,

Today I´m sharing with all of you my experience with this ´new ´Essie gel polish without the UV lamp.

I didn´t have high expectations, since the polishes with me last very little. 2 days and they are already the chipping since I do everything without gloves and I forgot many times that I have my  nails painted.The truth is that I’m not going to wear gloves every time I do something.

So I bought a color – Take me to thread – and  the top coat.


To start the application is was very easy. The brush is wide enough to cover the nail with a few strokes. The pigmentation is wonderful and has a fantastic shine.

I passed two layers and then the top coat. I do not have much patience to wait for the polish to dry  so I apply well before starting to watch a movie  to distract myself and so I’m not tempted to go do things that ruin the polish.

For 7 days, I’ve been doing what I do everyday ….things like washing dishes, changing diapers, cleaning the house, doing arts and crafts with kids, using glues, glitters, paints, etc.
With the passing of the days I was truly impressed because the polish  was wonderful, without chipping and with the brightness and shine  intact …
I think that for the first time I did not retouch the polish for a week and even after these 7 days, there are very few flaws.

I really want to test other colors because sometimes the colours have different formulas and affect the behavior of the polish, but so far I’m very satisfied!

Did you already tested these?
Do you suggest other polishes that last long?
Leave your opinions and comments here below.
Thank you for stopping by..


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