Family Life

8 years….


8 years…..
8 years ago I came to this country … with rain (a lot), very green, driving in the opposite side to what I was used to.
Customs and traditions different from mine.
8 years of changes, learning, tears and smiles.
Ups and downs…sometimes the desire to leave… but it´s part of being human.
Embraced all the changes, with the help of many special people ..(hope you know who you are)
New friends, new adventures in a country that is not mine but welcomed me and my family with open arms and gave us more quality of life .
If it was easy ?? No, it was not.
If it’s easy being away from the people who you love so much? No, it’s not…( well Skype helps a lot )
Worth it? Definitely a YES
Thank you to all who made and make part of these eight years.
Thank you Ireland for receive us so well.


2 thoughts on “8 years….

  1. Wow eight years and it seems just right outside the corner …. times flies and change is always hard at first but we came and we were able to make the right difference… Ireland allow us to do that 🙂

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