Apple crumble on a rainy day!

Hello there,

I´m not a big fan of rain, grey sky…. I´m not!!! In fact I think it´s so depressing 😦

However I think I don´t appreciate this kind of days because here in Ireland the past year( ok… maybe more) have been really bad. But rainy all day, blankets, pijamas and snuggle in the couch, watching a movie with the kids and hubby is so amazing and because of this… I  can see something good on this days.

The good side of this… apart of having a lazy day with my family I love to bake some goods and apple crumbe is on of our rainy days /winter comfort desserts. ( we like to bake cookes and biscuits asweel some cakes to have with hot chocolate or coffee.

So today I want to share how I make my own apple crumble.


Let´s bake 🙂


– 6 / 8 Apples – no skin( depend the size of your pyrex )

–  sugar ( as much as you like) – I use soft brown sugar

–  1 teaspoon vanilla paste  OR cinammon ( as much as you like)

–  Lemon juice( just to prevent the apples getting dark)

For the crumble:

– 130 gr plain flour

–  100 gr brown sugar

–  50 gr of pecans ( use other nut if you prefer)

–  120 gr  of butter – no salt but  I use Stork and works perfect

–  Cinammon if you like.

Now… let´s do it!!

Pre-heat the oven at 180ºc

Cut your apples in bites sizes… you dont need to be perfect and put in a bowl. Put over the lemon juice and just mix.

Sprinkle  the sugar and the vanilla( or cinammon) and fold the apple bites into until you have all the pices with some coating.

Put in the pyrex and reserve.

For the crumble you will need to put the flour, sugar and pecans on a food processor and pulse a fews times just to brake down the pecans in pieces( but not in flour)

Add the butter in pieces and pulse again until you get a crumble mixture.

Pour over the apple mixture evenly and to the oven it goes for about 25 minutes ( depends the oven).  Check the crumble is nice and golden brown or even a little more toast.. but do not let it burn 😀


Enjoy with your family…. we love this with an ice-cream scoop, but sometimes we fancy by it self.

It´s so delicious with the vanilla hint and the warmness of the apple cooked with the sugar- almost caramelised… yummy, yummy!


Hope you like this version with vanilla and pecans… It is really our favourite.

What do you do on the rainy days?

Thank you for stopping by,

With love,







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