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Kiko Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you some of Kiko Cosmetics products thay I bought  in Portugal, during my holidays!!

I am relatively new in these wanderings of makeup. About 1 year and a half I started to be   more interested in other products,  other colors that made me get out of my comfort zone and use more items.
I rarely wore makeup, but when I needed to go out to a party,  formal dinner, I only used eye shadow, mascara and lipbalm. Thats it… no blush, no foudation or BB cream… Nothing!!! ( weirdo)
The truth is … I was not into lose some time getting ready and walk trow the door. Super lazy …. :(

This interest came  when I started to watch some youtubers to talk and explain so well as tecniques and ´how to´and look nice and a little bit more elegant.
I was watching countless videos, blogs and reviews and I started to test some of the simple techniques with simple products.

I liked … Loved… a lot!!!!.  It is true that I have more time now. More ´me time´.

So I started to buy products that I think it will work for me and testing.It´s a addicted ´world´.

Therefore and after seeing some bloggers to speak of Kiko Cosmetics, and I was in Portugal, with some  Kiko stores around I was very happy to go inside and see all the buzz.
 I bought a very affordable little things. <3


1-  Nail polish 501  ( 1€- really!!! )  /  2- Nail polish 509  /    3- Creamy lipstick GOSSAMER EMOTION  /   4-  Lipstick No 13 /  5- Kiss Balm BLACKBERRY   6- High pigment Wet ans Dry Eyeshadow No 16 /   7-  Night Balm ( nourishing lip treatment )

Already tested almost everything except the nail polish (No. 2).
I loved the lipsticks, super wearable, last long and are very comfortable on the lips.
The lipbalm (No. 5) gives a subtle color and is so moisturizer that I loved to use after a day at the  beach. All shades are so beautiful and so wearable. I love it!!
Night balm (No.7), I found very interesting because sits  beautiful on the lips and I found it very moisturizing.

Here´s a swatch on the lipsticks…aren´t they amazing? So affordable !


Nail polish (No 1) It has a beautiful colour, very summery, and lasted me 4 days without chip, even with the normal work of the house and I  work with children, I am constantly washing hands, colouring with paints, playing with legos and other toys.

The eyeshadow….oh my…. it´s so pigmented, last long and it´s beautiful.

Tell me your opinion about more Kiko Cosmetics products?

What do you recomend?

Do you want to see more reviews ? I am kinda obsessed with my makeup things ( affordable and high end products).

I hope you liked this post and I hope this can help and inspire other women  to give a try on makeup too.

Note (I´m learning how to make reviews, so please be kind and if you have any suggestions, please leave in the comments).



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