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Face Masks to pamper your skin


On my recent trip to Portugal, I couldn´t avoid  one visit to Sephora.
Looking for products that I cant find here in Ireland but well known around the internet.
I was looking for facial masks and found the famous (or perhaps not) Tony Moly. I was pretty excited because I wanted to test some of them.
I´m relative new to this ´beauty world´ ( cof cof , I´m in my late 30´s ) but I was excited about face masks and fingers crossed they do what they claim. 😀
So, I end up buying this ones but so far only tried the Tomato one!! Let me tell you… I was super amazed with the results.
Its a one sheet masks soaked in a ´gel´and  I applied on my face and I end up reading a book for 20 minutes. After that I took the mask off and massaged all my face with the leftover gel in the packaging. I felt immediately some difference… more glow and definitely more smooth. The day after… I even notice more differences… my skin was amazing!! So, thumbs up for the Tomato Mask sheet!!
So amazing to feel your skin glowing …
I will try the others ones and I will give my opinion too.
I couldn´t avoid… and I bought the Sephora  masks too.. not only for face, but lips, eyes and feet too. I didn´t tried yet non of them, but as soon as I do I will post my opinion.
Do you use face masks often? Which ones are your favourites ? Tell me all about it in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Face Masks to pamper your skin

  1. I try to squeeze in atleast one sheet mask in a week, especially in the night..currently im loving innisfree skin masks…Actually they have a bunch of products that I love and I have talked about a few in my blog posts, if you wish to read. xx..✨


    1. Hi, first I need to thank you for stopping here. ❤
      As I say .. I´m so new on this beauty world and Im on my late 30´s… but, better late than never 😀
      I don´t know that brand, but I will read your blog and know more about the brand. Thank you again for your comment!

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      1. It’s alright and thank you too..When I read you blog post, I came to know that are a beginner in skincare and since you are in your late 30’s , I could not resist mentioning since I have written a detailed post on one of their cleansing oils..In brief, Innisfree is one of the most popular natural ingredients based South Korean skincare brand that also has some amazing makeup products..I am in no way associated with the brand and just sharing my genuine opinions..Hope you find something interesting in my blog..Happy Blogging💗💕✨

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    1. I need to try that one too. Such aan amazing tips from you all. Ususlly I d my own scrubs, soaps, lipbalms and bodybutters( only natural ingredients), but I want to try different things too and compare them all. Thank you for stopping by.

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